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Prepping for Your Trade Shows: The Folding Resin Table

Prepping for Your Trade Shows: The Folding Resin Table

Do trade shows seem like they are more hustle and bustle than you’re ready to deal with? We know that oftentimes people think – “Oh no! I have to arrive early with all of the other presenters, unpack my booth, get everything set up, weather the event, tear down the booth, and get on the road once more.” Why leave more of your set up to chance than you need to? Sure, venues have tables ready, but are you prepared in case they run out?

In addition to the standard laminate and wood tables that Celina offers, our line of lightweight Resin Folding Tables are specially-made for the wear and bump-and-go atmosphere of the trade show circuit.

Folding Table Attributes

The resin that makes up the folding tables at Celina is one-of-a-kin – for example, it is UV resistant, which means that the polymers won’t break down from being left out in the sun. That combined with the overall water resistance make Resin Tables great for use at fairs and festivals in addition to convention centers and halls. A multi-use table to fit all of your needs!

Likewise, each table is not only durable, but also extremely lightweight, making it easier to haul around. Compare the average weight of a resin table with that of the other most common tables:

Table Type and Size

Table Weight

Wooden 6’ Banquet Table

51 lbs.

Laminate 6’ Banquet Table

51 lbs.

Resin 6’ Banquet Table

33 lbs.

Resin 6’ Center-Folding Banquet Table

33 lbs.


Wooden 8’ Banquet Table

63 lbs.

Laminate 8’ Banquet Table

63 lbs.

Resin 8’ Banquet Table

49 lbs.


That’s a lot of weight difference between tables of the same size! Combine that with the powder-coated steel that creates the strong, stable legs and you’ve got a table perfect for your booth.

The Perfect Event Table

Resin Tables are the only style of table Celina offers that also has a center-folding version. The 6’ Center-Folding Resin Table not only has all of the same features as standard resin tables, but also folds in half to reduce the overall length. Once folded, tension clips on the underside of one half of the table attach to leg supports on the other side to keep the table from flopping open while in transit. The table even comes with a handle that sticks out when collapsed. Talk about simple and convenient!

All of Celina’s tables are shipped in even-numbered sets – this is done so that they can be carried and transported top-to-top for added protection. We suggest that no matter what table you take with you, you keep to this simple process to shield your investment. All of Celina’s tables can be checked out and purchased 24/7 at our website, www.CelinaTablesandChairs.com. Let us help you prepare for your next big event!