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Picture Perfect Results

Last year Celina reached out via social media, asking our customers to submit photos for our August Photo Contest. Available to anyone with a tent from Celina, winners received a $50 credit per fantastic photo toward a future purchase. Check out some of the submissions:

Shout out to Cousin's Tents & More, EZ Ocassions and Dan't Tent and Party Rental for the fabulous photos!

In addition to the purchase credit, these photos are used to promote your business through our social media feeds, crediting you for the image. Our one main regret was that we didn’t prep anyone before announcing the contest. And you know what? We’re going to fix this right now!

To The Future!

As it’s the start of the season, now is the perfect time to start prepping for this year’s contest. Once you start to plan out installations and events, make sure you set aside some time to snap a few pictures. Knowing ahead of time is a great way to ensure a few extra bucks when you decided to restock later! Here are a few things to keep in mind for your image prep:

  • Make sure the setup is clean
    Permissible photos should have the tent (and accessories) completely installed, and all installation hardware and tools should be removed from the shot.

  • Lighting is Key
    It’s a pretty obvious statement that if you can’t see the tent, you aren’t going to get a good picture of it.
  • You don’t have to be a professional
    If you can’t afford a fancy professional camera, that’s okay. For contest purposes, files that are over 2 MB and in JPEG format are preferred – and it just so happens that images taken on your smartphone fit the bill! So long as you pay close attention to the content of your photo (see our first bullet point), these are perfectly acceptable. And if you have a nice camera, so much the better!

  • If you use a professional, you need permission
    The thing about having a professional photographer come and take photos of your installation is that you will need to get their permission to use the photo afterword. They own the copyright


Remember, you have until August to collect all of the photos you want – each photo accepted by the Celina Marketing Department will earn you $50! We won’t be accepting submissions until August first, but that doesn’t mean you can starting thinking about it early. We look forward to your pics!