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Venue Vs Tent Events: The Choice is YOURS


Finding a location for that birthday party or graduation celebration has a lot of choices attached to it. You’ll need to solidify the guest list and use that information to plan food and drinks and entertainment. Invitations, you know? Usually before too much of that gets underway, you’ll need to find a place to hold the festivities. And that’s when the choice between Venue and Tent becomes paramount; which one will serve your purposes better?

Let’s check … the TENT/VENUE CROSS-REFERENCE GUIDE FOR UTILITY (or TV-CRG-FU, or TV Charge-Fu for short).




General Considerations

Tent installations can be managed through most warmer-weather months, taking advantage of pleasant weather and greater access to the outdoors. These locations are less likely to be booked for months in advance, but will require a greater degree of installation time.


Venues are great for their comfort (availability of heating or cooling, restrooms, etc.) but are popular for events so can be unavailable depending on your event’s schedule. Venue prices are hiring per event, but include the aforementioned perks and less setup time.



Does your event fall during times with lots of bad weather?

A fabric canopy with sidewalls attached can easily be used spring through fall. This timeframe can be slightly lengthened in either direction by adding sidewalls and heat units, but no rental tents should be used in the winter months.


Most sites available for rent are open year round so long as they are equipped with heating and cooling (excluding locations such as shelter houses, etc. that are mostly open structures).

Reason for Event


If you’re having a fund raiser for an organization, proximity to that organization can help encourage attendance. Likewise, hosting a banquet would not require any specific locale, but does call for slightly fancier settings.

Tents can be set up in most areas outdoors, making them great for installation next to sports fields or on lawn areas adjacent to buildings associated with the event. For showier installations, accessories such as liners, leg drapes, or temporary flooring can be added at the expense of more installation time and effort.


Existing, established venues are usually pre-decorated or can have added decorations to elevate the set up. Specific venues can also be equipped with facilities to aid in the event in case there is food service required. Finding the location, since it won’t be tied to the event naturally, can be a hassle for travelers.

Amenity Requirements


Do you need audio/visual displays for a presentation? Refrigeration? Electricity? Restrooms?

Good tent locations can already have restrooms nearby, but those lacking would need to have portable restrooms ordered and delivered. The same goes for most other amenities, with each individual site having pros and cons. Things such as electricity will need to be assessed by need, but will always require extra work.

Items such as electricity and plumbing are almost 100% guaranteed. Specific hook up, patching into existing TVs and such, are an obvious boon in this area, not to mention being able to use complicated electronics with a much lower risk of damaging the equipment from moisture or other hazards.




How much existing hardware, tables, and chairs are you going to need, and how much time you will have to devote to outfitting a location?

The major downfall of the tent event is the time it takes to install the tent itself. You most likely won’t have to do this on your own, but it will need to be scheduled and organized so that it is completed at the right time.

Most venues will have folding tables and chairs available for use (though possibly at an extra fee), and most types of decorations will need to be done by the renter. These will need to be installed within a timeframe that allows previous renters to take down their own decorations and not hinder other events.


Not so bad, right? Analyzing your own needs and price range will help to narrow down the options in your particular area, letting you make the best choice for your event. By visiting Celina’s Knowledge Center, you can get a better idea of the processes and tactics behind making your tent event a successful event. Feel free to contact our Customer Account Managers at any time with any questions you may have!