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School Space Outdoor Learning Tents


Practicing social distancing is the best way to reduce the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Celina is here to help businesses succeed in their efforts to adhere to this important safety guideline. Our large inventory of ready-to-ship shelters can be configured to create outdoor classroom facilities, queue shelters, outdoor seating areas, mobile pickup stations and more.

Call Celina today to discuss how temporary shelters can help maintain your school or business during this
unprecedented time.

Open Air Canopies
Keeping spaces well ventilated and uncrowded is an important step in reducing the spread of infection.
Utilizing Celina’s tents as additional space is an ideal way to accomplish this. The tent canopy offers protection
from uncomfortable weather conditions, but the absence of sidewalls will ensure air flow is adequate.


  • Expanding educational facilities
  • Customer waiting areas
  • Outdoor seating at restaurants
  • Curbside pickup locations

Queue Area Shelters
Many businesses may be reducing their maximum occupancy, causing long queues to form outside the
building. Celina’s tents are excellent for use as a sheltered walkway. Multiple tents can be placed
back-to-back, allowing for infinite length.


Pole Tents vs. Frame Tents