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New Year, Better You: Kicking off Tent Season Right


I’m fairly certain that in the past, at one point or another, there may be one or two times that a New Year’s resolution had not quite reached the entire potential that is imagined at the outset. Maybe that gym membership just got a wee bit too costly, or the diet was … you know … kinda boring (pizza tastes good). Not that those happened to me. But making new goals is never a bad thing so long as you are making an effort to improve, and improving your rental business is not only going to make work a more enjoyable experience but will also lead to more business, which benefits everyone! Here we have a few small ideas for improvements that are simple enough to implement easily, especially before the busy season kicks into full swing.


While paperwork can be a chore, making simple checklists and other forms of documentation are a great way to remind yourself of all the steps required for processes. This is especially important for 1.) ensuring all employees follow the same steps, and 2.) reinforcing any new sort of system or step process (as it is in and of itself the list of required actions or items).

One of the most useful systems we’ve come across are cheat sheets – lists that point out exactly what you need for each style of tent you are sending out into the field. They don’t need to be large or all inclusive – we already offer Layout Handbooks on this site – but quick reference guides that show the base numbers of stakes and guy lines per tent style. Laminate that page and now you have a handy check list that you can mark up as you pick with dry erase markers!


As ANYONE WITH A GARAGE knows, if you start just setting items wherever you have room you are eventually going to run out of room. Not only will things be in the way, but how do you find what you’re looking for? This just adds more and more time at the front end of any installation. Make sure that your inventory is stored in an easily accessible, well defined area to streamline the picking process. You know the drill – like items together, heavy items near the door or with a transport cart nearby, shelving so that nothing is on the floor gathering dirt and moisture.

Tied in with the documentation category, you can have a laminated pick sheet to take with you on the road to ensure each and every part you need is there at your fingertips at the start of the job.

* * * * *

If you’ve made it this far into the blog and are thinking to yourself, Hey, I already do those things Mr. Blogwriter, then congratulations! Now is the perfect time to analyze that system of yours to ensure that it runs at peak efficiency. Is your storage area prone to clutter in certain areas? Do you need to replace any storage hardware? Are those pick sheets your printed looking a little ragged or missing? You don’t need to make major overhauls, but now is the time to get everything in order to make the next year the easiest and most organized yet!

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