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Image and Air Flow – Printed Mesh Screens

Image and Air Flow – Printed Mesh Screens

In recent years a new style of banner has been replacing the standard 16 oz. fabric. Printed mesh banners are popping up more and more due to their easy installation and variety of features, making them the perfect canvas on which to advertise for business or simply provide atmosphere. Why use mesh banners?

  • Air Flow

Of course mesh banners have better air flow,” you think to yourself as you read this. Have you considered this as an actual use though? Many playing fields and construction sites are located in areas where there aren’t many wind breaks. Installing a mesh banner on a wire fence not only improves the look of the fence and general area, but gives you the ability to reduce the effects of wind (lessening blown debris or the effect of wind on other objects like newly planted landscaping).

The primary problem for solid banners is this lack of air flow. While many solid banners may have holes cut in them to alleviate wind and breeze pressure, there are still large swathes of banner that will be affected. Wind can tear down banners very quickly should a particularly strong gust get behind the material. This leads us to the next point: 

  • Reduced Wear

Whipping back and forth is never good for fabrics; the constant motion (called “Wind Whip” in the tent world) wears down the folding areas of the fabric and exposes the internal support structure, and leads to more and more deterioration. Fabric edges that are dragging against walls or fences will quickly fray. Less movement will lead to less wear, allowing your mesh banner to last longer than a standard fabric. 

  • Easy Installation

The aspect most in common with regular banners is the easy way they can be installed; most banners will have grommets along the edges through which you can tie it to the fence or area of your choice. Not to harp on the same points over and over, but raising and installing a banner with some air allowance will not be nearly as hectic in the long run, making the material more cooperative throughout the installation process.

Whether your choice is for aesthetic reasons or just for the wind-break benefits, a printed mesh banner improves the look and feel of any location. Just like standard fabric banners, mesh banners can be finished in a variety of ways:

  • Hem: Edges are folded and sewn to reduce any breakdown caused by loose ends.
  • Reinforcement Webbing: Weldable webbing is heat sealed to the edges, giving the banner a stronger outer edge
  • Grommets: Inserted into the hem, webbing, or simply along the edge, grommets create reinforced holes through which ropes or bungees can be fed.
  • Pockets: Created by folding over the edge material and sewing in place, pockets allow the banner to hang from beams or poles inserted from one end to the other.

Custom printing and a wide array of finishing options let you choose exactly the style mesh banner to fit your unique situation. Call us today at 1-844-803-9444 and we can walk you through the process. More information can be found at our website, www.GetTent.com.