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How do your Table Covers Measure Up?

How do your Table Covers Measure Up?

The best table presentations all have one thing in common – a table cloth. The unsung workhorse of any event, table cloths are expected to take a beating and still look great for the next event. Spilled food and drink, malfunctioning pens, or over-ambitious children can wreak havoc on even the most resilient fabric. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s go back to the very beginning; buying your cloth.

Obviously you’re going to want the colors or possible fabric patterns that will match your other decorations, but even before we get that far (which isn’t far at all, really), we need to know the size you’re looking for. Maybe you have a few square, a few rectangle, and a few round tables. Do you know what sizes each of those are? Or how, in the end, to measure for them? We’re here to help!

To begin with, we’ll need to know a few terms:

Width – This is the “side to side” measurement on a table, the shorter of the two sides. On square tables the width and length are the same.

Length – The longer of the two side measurements, the length of a table is what changes the most, as widths are commonly very similar.

Diameter – On circular tables, the diameter is the length across the top from side to side, through the center. An easy way to find it is to hold the end of a measuring tape and one spot, extend it to the other side, and then slowly move the extended end back and forth until you find the longest point.

Drop – This is the distance from the table top to the ground.

Making Circular Tables Go ‘Round

One of the easiest to measure for, finding the table cloth for a round table is as easy as taking 2 measurements – you’ll need the diameter of the table top, and the table’s drop. Since the table cover will be round as well, you will only need the cover’s diameter when choosing it. Plug your measurements in the formula and go!

Table Diameter  +  (Table Drop x 2)  =  Table Cover Diameter

i.e. 60” + (29” x 2) = 118”          I need a 118” Diameter Round Table Cover.

It’s Hip to be Square

Square tables will need square table cloths, meaning you’ll have a width and length. Luckily both measurements will be equal (yay squares!). They very nicely bridge the gap between circular and rectangular tables, needing only as many measurements as circular tables, but using the formula for the rectangular ones. You’ll need the width or length of the table, and the table’s drop.

Table Width  +  (Table Drop x 2)  =  Table Cover Width

Since the width and length of squares is the same, you can use that one measurement for both.

i.e. 60” + (29” x 2) = 108”          I’m looking for a 120” x 120” Square Table Cover

Rectangles – Just Complicated Squares?

Rectangular tables have a width – the shorter side – and a length – the longer. You will have to calculate each in the same way we’ve done for the square already to find your rectangular table cover, but now will need to list both measurements.

Table Width  +  (Table Drop x 2)  =  Table Cover Width

Table Length  +  (Table Drop x 2)  =  Table Cover Length

i.e. 30” + (29” x 2) = 88”        72” + (29” x 2) = 130”        Here is a 88” x 130” cover for a 6’ Banquet Table.

This handy guide will let you know exactly the size table cover you’ll need no matter what tables you have. Depending on how far from common your table size is, you can use covers that are slightly under or over these measurements, assuming you’re ok with the cover either sitting on the floor slightly or ending a few inches above floor level. Celina offers many different colors, styles, and sizes of table covers that work with almost any size of table – come check us out with any of your table cover needs.