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Getting the Most out of Sidewalls


Walls are some of the most popular accessories we have at Celina Tent. With a wide variety of styles, windows, and custom printing there are very few situations where sidewalls don’t add to the tent décor. And as much as we like to point out how great sidewalls are, we sometimes forget that not everyone may work with them on a daily basis.

Here you’ll find a series of tips that we like to try and convey just so that our customers can enjoy their sidewalls to the fullest extent.

Advanced Tips

Don’t Completely Enclose your Tent

Over-adjustment can completely ruin a situation right after you’ve fixed an already uncomfortable situation. One mistake that is easy to make includes completely enclosing your tent when deciding to set up walls in the first place. This is not often beneficial, as the interior of the tent can become stuffy especially on hot, sunny days. Walls are best used to create or delineate the space under a tent (great for areas where merchandise is set out) or to help direct guest flow through your space.

Mix and Match

Similar to having an accent wallpapered wall surrounded by a complementary set of painted walls, you don’t need to always go all-white (or solid-colored) or all-printed sidewalls. You can also mix up some different styles within standard sidewalls. Create a rear wall to your tent, putting two small window walls to either side for more natural light and maybe a portion of a printed wall at the front for advertising. Feel free to swap around a variety of walls to make unique lay outs for any situation.

Don’t Be Afraid to Anchor

I know, I know … it seems like SUCH a hassle to run a line of rope through the grommets along the bottom of the wall, and then to attached anchor hooks to the ropes to keep the walls in place. When you are setting up a tent for a multi-day event the staking can remove so many other additional headache. If wind or rain does happen to spring up during your event, you’ll already know that there aren’t going to be any billowing to annoy guests in your tent, or rain and debris coming in each time a gust lifts the wall edge.

Room Creation

With the addition of Frame Tent Cables (common on longer frame tents for added strength width), you can easily attach a series of sidewall through your tent interior! Cordon off areas within your shelter for rest zones or storage units or create maze-like walkways for fun house installations. Using fabric makes installation simpler for non-permanent adjustments to your space.

* * * * *

Is there any new or unique way you’re using a sidewall? Let us know! Send an email to Sales@CelinaTent.com or respond on our Facebook or Twitter feeds – we’d love to hear from you! If you’d like more information on our many styles of sidewalls, check out this page for a breakdown of all we have to offer by tent style.