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Moving Product Movers Safely

Lift with your legs!” may be the most common moving safety advice when lifting heavy objects, and that’s certainly something to keep in mind while you transport objects to and fro. With the help of product movers from Celina a lot of the strain can be removed from the set up and tear down processes at your venue. This doesn’t mean that you can just ignore your safety though. Depending on the type of movers that you’ve decided to use, you’ll have to keep an eye just to be sure that you don’t create new danger to you or others.


(Examples: X Country Cart, Heavy Duty Banquet Table Cart, Heavy Duty Pedestal Table Cart)

Whether for chairs, tables, or tent poles, carts are the most common and widely accepted forms of  product transportation. In most cases it is advisable to drive them forward. What do we mean? There is one pair of fixed wheels on each cart – these are always pointed in one direction and do not swivel. These are not for steering but are the leader wheels. They will be at the front of the cart as you orient it in the direction you which to go. Swivel wheels are attached to the side with the handle, handles, or hand bar, which allows you to steer the cart accurately.

One of the easiest mistakes to make is overloading. Every cart has a listed capacity, which lets you know how many items the cart can safely hold. For tables especially, sticking to this limit will reduce the chance of spillage. Tables are in particular heavy and can result in bruised shins or even broken bones if a large amount of them slide off of the cart.


(Examples: 30” Pedestal Table Pole Bag, E-Z Equipment Carrier)

Similar to the overloading problem most commonly experienced with carts, overloading a bag can result in damage to your bag itself and to a lesser extent the bag carrier. Too much product loaded into a bag that is meant to contain two or three items can cause rips and tears. This can also add unwanted strain to the bag straps, causing them to become damage or make your hands hurt really bad. Because bags are lifted instead of pushed or pulled to their end location, it’s also a good idea to not put more material into them than you can comfortably lift for the amount of time it will take to get to your destination.

As a side note, no bags of any type should ever be drug across the ground. While we mention this due to the majorly detrimental effects brought about by dragging tent bags, the added weight of hardware in bags is sure to weaken any bag fabric or material to the point of breakage soon rather than later.

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Until we’ve figured out a way to materialize seating and tables using nanotechnology and magnetism using gravitation waves (or some-such – I’m no physicist), the tried-and-true cart and bag system is the best bet for venue organizers and hall owners across the country. In case you need any more info on all of Celina Tent’s available product users, you can call (866) 767-9242 to speak with a Customer Account Manager, or chat with us 24/7 in the chat box on the lower right of any Celina website. We look forward to hearing from you!