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Planning the Perfect Party

Summer is arriving! While there are still a few cool days ahead of us I’m sure, you can start dusting off your party pants – shorts? – and find that embarrassing visor that you got on your Las Vegas trip four years ago as summer. Let the fun begin!

… of course, someone has to get that party going before the party day. Have I said “party” enough? I think so. Pre-planning is important not only to make sure the nachos stay full and the drinks chilled, but to keep your guests from getting tripped up by oddly placed tent guy lines and awkward spaces where to many people having bottle necked trying to get from here to there.

Plan to Flow

Laying out your event is super important – if you’ve ever wondered how you always seem to come home with more snack from the store or wonder just why you ordered fast food on your way home, you’ve experienced the wonders of location! When planning for what the “Do” is going to be at your party, make sure you arrange your installation and any extras to ensure good guest flow.

Thinking of the Children

Many parties play host to small children, who have a lot of space energy. After making sure that your installation has clearly marked guy lines and stakes, why not designate some of the free area outside of your tent installation for activities like tag or Frisbee? Ensuring that your play areas are separated from the tent footprint minimizes the chance of dangerous overlap (re: running feet-first into stakes and ratchet buckles).

Tent entry points can be controlled by adding vinyl sidewalls around the perimeter. Once you’ve installed a few walls, you can arrange to leave areas open (or fold back the wall to create doors) that give easy access to the play area in order to keep traffic from having to weave through anchoring lines or around to find the tent entrance.

For the Whole Family

Hanging out at tent events, once everything has been installed and set up and the party is under way, you really just want to relax. Much of the planned activity revolves more around being able to chat and kick back with the people you’ve invited. Seating – ample and comfortable – is going to play a major part of the pre-planning. Combined with access and flow to the play area (for necessary parent intervention) and the rest of the creature comforts (the aforementioned nachos and drinks), the perfect planning keeps the gathering area central and provides even flow to the surrounding goings-on.

* * * * *

Of course, you can’t always plan the perfect layout due to existing hedges, trees, buildings, and so on. But starting a day or two in advance lets you get the layout just right to make sure no people are bumping into each other, trying to get to the restroom and get some more chips, respectively.

Did you know that for each of our tents, Celina has a series of layout PDFs that show party, billeting and storage configurations? Check it out by visiting the tent’s product page and selecting the “Literature” tab. We’re here to help - give Celina a call if you have any additional questions about planning the party of your dreams!