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Streamlining your Set-Up: Celina Tent’s Layout Handbook

Are you one of those people that makes lists? I am – I have lists for movies I want to watch, what to pick up from the store, to-do lists for days and weeks on end. Gathering information into handy small packages makes life so much easier sometimes, you know? This isn’t just a habit that I use in my personal life either. Work is easily streamlined when you have an organized table or bulleted series of items that take you step-by-step through everything that needs done. Why can’t tent set-up be the same way?

Celina Tent believes in simplicity, from online ordering for all products to providing in-depth informative pdfs for customer use. That’s why we’ve condensed installation information into a handy field guide – the Layout Handbook.


All of the most common tent sizes have all of their installation information depicted in easy-to-read diagrams and charts. The charts contain all of the bulk hardware information; counts for each type of item that will be used. These are in conjunction with the layout diagrams, which show you the orientation of all of the parts as they should be assembled. This way, you can easily locate where each spreader, hip, crown, and side tee goes for efficient installation.

Complete-Tent Charts

For sizes of shelters that are a little more outside the norm, such as those tents with larger dimensions, all of the same information that is depicted in the diagrams and counts is placed in large Complete-Tent Charts at the end of each tent style section. These tent diagrams would be so large as to be cumbersome in the handbook format; most larger tents will have a standard assembly similar to their smaller counterparts, so information is condensed to the hardware-counts presentation.


In addition to the charts and diagrams for each style of tent, the Handbook also contains pages of hints, tips, tricks, and other general information to help out with many different installation processes. Job site inspection, notes pages, part identification, and tent style info guides are all included to provide any and all information you’ll need.

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You can order the Layout Handbook from GetTent.com; use the code “FREEBOOK” at checkout you can get your Handbook for free! For more information on tent installation and procedures, be sure to visit our Knowledge Center. All tents are available for purchase online, where you can browse and search by style, tent brand, or size – check it out today!