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Job Site Inspection/Pre-Installation

Before any tent installation, the proposed tent site needs to be checked and inspected for applicable area for the specific size of tent, obstructions, utility lines, levelness, and surface type. Once an accurate assessment is made, safety precautions that may be specific to the site can be properly addressed. This procedure should be completed by a qualified professional or someone with experience installing tents and shelters. Once complete, the survey will then be given to the party responsible for installation (crew leader, job foreman, or installation supervisor).

The purpose of a pre-installation inspection is:

  1. To make all parties involved aware of any possible obstructions (Surface, Underground and Overhead), any foreseeable safety issues, and the difficulty of the proposed setup & tear-down.
  2. To ensure that the proper tent, canopy, or shelter is used, which fits the desired location and end use.
  3. To record the equipment used, installation environment.
  4. To provide documentation to be kept for long-term reference.


Pre-Installation Site Inspection Survey

Downloadable/printable job site inspection form





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Job Site Inspection Explained



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