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Supporting More Than Just Your Rear – Investing in Bellaire and Fayette Chairs

Supporting More Than Just Your Rear – Investing in Bellaire and Fayette Chairs

We all know that scene in your favorite romantic movie – the protagonist has their love interest; they embrace and fall onto their couch or chair. We know what you’re thinking - so adorable! Now imagine that chair is a folding chair. Suddenly, your romantic escape now has the style and grace of your average comedy routine. And who needs that on Valentine’s Day?

At Celina, we pay close attention to the various elements of your parties and celebrations that so very few of your guests are noting – the stability and aesthetics of stacking seating being just one aspect. Have you ever noticed when a reception hall has a few outlier chair styles, sticking out like a sore thumb? We are making sure our event chairs are the best looking to fit with your celebration, and economical enough that you aren’t going to leave a few people feeling like fifth wheels.

The Bellaire Chiavari Chair

Becoming more and more commonplace due to their elegant spindles, Bellaire Chiavari chairs come in many different colors and styles. The current design of the Bellaire Chiavari Chair dates back to the late 60’s and has been a staple of most rental agencies since. The carving on the back spindles evokes the feel of a classical Italian style that is sure to be a hit at any wedding, reception, or awards event.

We’ve found that finding chairs that have metal cores underneath the colored resin give us the highest satisfaction rating – the resin is UV resistant to your typical outdoor wear-and-tear, making them perfect for repeated use at weddings and celebrations that can occur indoors and out.

The Fayette Napoleon Chair

With a smoother flow to the back support design, Fayette Napoleon Chairs give a more subdued but still classic look that lets you worry about the larger details of your party, not about what people are sitting on. Based on French designs from the 1700 and 1800’s, these chairs have a slightly less rustic look than the Chiavari and tend to fit in better with more modern design schemes. The smooth back gives each chair the feel of elegance without seeming overstated.

Basic construction is the same as that of the Bellaire Chiavari chairs, a metal core that is enveloped in high-quality resin meant to resist long-term wear.

The Dover Crossed Back Chair

Reminiscent of simpler times, the Dover Cross Back forgoes fancy molding with smooth, easily flowing lines. The back is created with a single rounded cross bar with two crossed strap sections. Each chair is assembled from pieces of high-impact resin, similar to that of the Bellaire and Fayette but with the interior metal frame. This makes each chair slightly lighter, though with thicker leg portions to add strength to the majority of the frame.

Whether meeting a special someone at a café, attending the outdoor wedding that follows, or simply spending time with your loved ones in general, Celina’s Stacking Chairs can keep you focused on what truly matters: those special moments in your life. With economical pricing you’ll be able to stock enough for whatever events you see on your horizon. Contact us today for bulk shipment pricing and a free quote!