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Game Day: Indoor Edition!


Much of what makes game days so great is the experience – going to the field/court/pitch(?) and having fun doing so much more than just watching a game. There’s the food, extra activities, making sure you’re wearing your team-appropriate gear, and so on. During the winter months, as sports begin to swap the grassy field for the indoor court, that’s a lot to try and fit into interior spaces.

Now take a look at the same event from the event staff’s point of view. Between ticket sales, entry ways, lines for concessions and souvenir areas, indoor spaces can get cluttered up pretty quickly when you’re trying to keep sports fans happily on their way to the game. Luckily, Celina Tent has a wide range of items to help out even the most cramped venue!

The Humble Vinyl Banner

It’s pretty obvious, I know, but printing directions, menus, or season schedules on a banner is a great way to create lasting signage that you won’t have an issue replacing for next season. Printed Vinyl Banners are durable enough for a year’s worth of use while not a budget-breaking investment. Have our graphics team add your team logo or school colors and you have a simple, effective means of letting your fans know when the next game is or how much that hot dog costs.

Banners can also be added to the court and seating area – Celina Tent specializes in Printed Mesh that is popular as standard banners, awnings and even as covers to fencing and other barriers. Mesh allows you to have air and light pass through the banner, perfect for entry covers and banners across air vents.

Freestanding Banners

More banners? Of course! The beauty of the Pop Up Banner is its mobility – with sewn-in stability straps along the bottom of the fabric, once “popped” the banner sits easily on floors or other flat surfaces. Point out restrooms or concessions with ease! Lightweight with totally customizable printing options, you won’t have to worry about the sign being damaged if knocked over. Pop Up Banners fold flat for easy storage, weighing nearly nothing at all.

Tall and durable, the A-Frame Sign combines custom printed displays with more rigid framework. These are best suited for heavy traffic areas where a little more weight and heft is going to keep the signage from being shifted away from the installation area.

Heavy Duty Crowd Control

While mostly used outdoors, Crowd Control Barriers are the metal fence pieces you see that link end-to-end. They create a better barrier for increased control than standard expanding rope lines due to the bar construction across the barrier. Customized Barricade Banners allow you the same freedom of printing as the rest of the options on this list; print the vinyl with line labels (“Concessions This Way!”) or team spirit slogans (“Go Meerkats!”) and make crowd control a little easier to manage.

* * * * *

Game days are hectic enough without some sort of direction in the lobby area; order a customized banner today and make rooting for the team your primary concern! Got questions? Give our Account Managers a call at (866) 783-4083 and they can talk you through the best banner display for your event and even help you decide on custom printing options. Or drop them a line at Sales@CelinaTent.com and get your order underway!