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Over Exposure: What We Learned About our Vinyl and Others


We’ve recently explained about how DuraTop has become one of our favorite fabrics for both white and printed tent tops. Combining phenomenal performance characteristics and print-receiving properties, it’s the best of both worlds and great for every outdoor canopy. But how do we really know? A combination of testing types gives us all the information we need. Everything from the base fabrics we use to samples of the various types of finished products (think welded seams, sewn seams, patch attachment, etc.) are run through various scenarios to give us valuable information about how our products are going to function in real-world applications.

#1 – Lab Testing

Just like every item that gets received into Celina Tent, Inc.’s inventory, each new lot of DuraTop is quarantined and assessed according to our quality standards. Material is taken and sent to testing at different labs to ensure that the basic safety features are in place. These include things like flammability ratings, wicking standards, abrasion resistance, and more. The Quality Assurance Lab at the main Celina campus is used to create reference points for material attributes as well, so that all characteristics are double-checked for accuracy.

Lab testing can also be applied to items other than the fabric. Testing on the webbing that we use as reinforcement, the various strengths of sewing thread, and the resilience and corrosion factors for our metal hardware are all conducted regularly in order to ensure that only the best materials go into a Celina product.

#2 – Real World Exposure

The best way to make sure we know we’re getting the right stuff is to put it to the test. While simulated wear in various types of testing cabinets can give valuable date, we also test shelters by installing a tent and letting it remain exposed to the elements. Through rain, wind, snow, sun, dirt and debris, we’ve had sample pieces enjoying the weather for years at a long-term exposure test on site, the Celina Proving Grounds.

Celina’s Proving Grounds are located right next to the main production floor and Distribution Center on our manufacturing campus. At any given time, new tent prototypes or established shelter brands are being set up for installation tests or left to experience the outdoors in long term exposure testing, all monitored and recorded by Celina’s engineering department. Advances in thermal efficiencies and resistance to weathering are just two of the areas where Celina has already developed new and improved production methods.

* * * * *

Care and dedication allow all of Celina’s products to be some of the best quality available for rental companies and home users alike. Through routine and specialized testing we’re able to continue the betterment of our products. Find out more about visiting our facility here or check out our Knowledge Center for more helpful articles on tent usage.

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