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Hybrid Tents – Upgrade your Installation!

For even single item that people love (peanut butter, strawberries, or chocolate), there is always a combination that makes them better (peanut butter and chocolate, strawberries and chocolate, chocolate and chocolate). The new combination has all of the positive aspects of the old to great effect.

Let’s look at frame tents. A frame tent is a sturdy structure created from different lengths of metal tubing, fastened with pins. But what if you want to make it stronger? As with the above examples, you can add a different type of tubing to create a new, updated version of the original model: the Hybrid Frame Tent.

Hybrid Definition

Any frame tent can be converted to a Hybrid by replacing key structural elements. Each is referred to as a hybrid due to the fact that not all pieces are swapped out; fittings and some tubing is left in place and can be used between the two styles.

Hybrid frame tents replace standard rafter and spreader tubing with double tube – imagine setting two tubes side by side, creating a profile that looks like the number 8. Got it? Now, imagine that the touching edge of one of the circles gets melded onto the other tube, creating a complete circle in one half and a half-moon shape connected portion. This is Double Tubing.

By replacing standard tubing with double tubing, the tent is stronger and able to handle higher stresses over time.

Creating a Hybrid

As we’ve said, any frame tent from Celina (including the Classic Series Frame, Classic Series Gable Frame, and Master Series Frame Tents) can be converted into a stronger hybrid style. While the hybrid frame is not nearly as often requested, our website has kits created for easy ordering.

Celina has all hybrid conversions listed in easy-to-use video format on our YouTube page, linked here:

Classic Series Frame Tent Hybrid Conversion

Gable Series Frame Tent Hybrid Conversion

Master Series Frame Tent Hybrid Conversion

In essence, all tubing that is used for Hip Rafters, Rafters, and Leg tubing is swapped out, as these components carry the bulk of the tent stress. All fittings from the standard version of the tent are kept and used, adding braces and new cables to ensure that the strengthened tubing is secure.

Because of the heftier tubing, stronger fasteners are needed to secure each in place. R-pins need to be replaced with more solidly connecting hardware. Bolts or pin and bail fasteners each have connectors to make sure the fastener stays in place through harsher use.

Improving a Classic

Just like how some people are allergic to chocolate, not every situation calls for having the hardware to make a hybrid tent. The added strength brings with it additional hardware and increased weight, with each piece of double tubing weighing the same as two standard tubes of the same length. Most hybrid installations occur when:

  1. The installation schedule has an increased chance of inclement weather.
  2. The tent duration is longer than normal.

In both of these situations, the added strength enables the installation to endure the extreme stress and tensions that are put on hardware during the period of installation.

While each of the videos listed above shows all of the required additional hardware for upgrading a tent, you can also give us a call at 866-258-1041 and chat with one of our sales associates for more information.