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Because Knowledge is Power!

Celina Tent has many goals – creating quality products, offering those products online, and doing everything we can to increase customer satisfaction. With the advent of 24/7 sales, the main problem is being able to give customers the information they need without having to require them to ‘call us in the morning.’ Kinda defeats the purpose of those non-business hours, you know?

It’s with this in mind that we try and make sure we make as much info as we can available to our customers through our websites, video library, knowledge center, and various communications. For example, did you know that Celina Tent puts out a monthly Newsletter?


For the low, low price of “free” you too can get monthly updates on our running sales, along with a recap of recent blogs. These allow you to keep up with our monthly deals and news on upcoming products. Each also shows featured products – items that you may not know we sell, or additional items that can enhance your tent experience. We also have links to our social media in case you want to hear from us more often.

The sign up for the Newsletter is located in our Knowledge Center (Here!)


Celina Tent’s YouTube page has instructional videos to help guide you through various tent installations, along with time lapse videos to show total install times and videos to help explain tent topics. Ever wonder what you’re supposed to do if a storm starts developing? Watch this video on severe weather safety. Ever wonder how to set up your own artwork template? This guide walks you through the process.

You can also check out our playlists, along with the archive of the social media video series Let’s Talk Shop and Hey – Look at This!.


We really can’t stress enough how much work we’ve put into the collection of insight that is the Celina Tent Knowledge Center. We’ve packed it full of information and explanations on the topics we get asked about most.

Like any other website, we try and review all of the pages from time to time to ensure that each contains up-to-date information on all topics, from shipping and ordering info to general discussions on the differences between tent styles and types of anchoring.

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Still not finding the info you’re looking for? As always, you can give us a call at 866-438-8368 or send us an email (sales@celinatent.com) and our Customer Account Managers will help you out. You can also chat with us 24/7 using the chat box in the lower right hand corner. We look forward to helping you out!