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Get Out There (and Under a Tent!)

Events involving tents (like those we sell at Celina, wink wink) are by necessity located outdoors. While some of our Fast Shade series can be used at stalls inside at trade shows, the vast majority of installations happen out in the bright sunshine. When deciding on a venue to host an event or whether to attend such an occasion, the benefits of getting up and out of the cement jungle can greatly outweigh any qualms you may have.


There’s a reason that the summer time is synonymous with fun. Warm weather lets warm-blooded creatures act in their element. And who are we to argue with nature? Average jobs aren’t located out-of-doors in most circumstances, which means that much of your time isn’t spent with exposure to all of the positive effects that being at a tent installation can bring (see the next section for more!).


Getting outdoors always seems like such a hassle for adults. There are the requisite jobs, the cooking of the meals, the paying of the bills, the watching of the television (required for adults) – outdoors is just so … out there.  It is really sad, because of all of the positives that come along with it. Benefits include:

  • Vitamin D
    Exposure to sunlight lets your body create the necessary enzyme Vitamin D. It helps you absorb calcium, promotes bone growth, and staves off cancer and depression. I’m not seeing any down sides to all of this – exposure to light (and a fair amount of it to start the natural Vitamin D production process) can be a major boost to your physical and mental health.

  • Exercise
    With a large contingent of the American adult public being what doctors refer to as “in need of exercise”, there could be no better way to start than to walk out of your door. Once out there in the wilderness (or at the park; wherever the tent is set up) you’ll be standing, walking to and fro, maybe even indulging in a little impromptu sport like Frisbee. Exercise will just start to happen on its own, and you’ll be the better for it!

  • Oxygen Content
    Oxygen, the colorless, odorless gas that keeps you alive, is MUCH more abundant outdoors. It clears the mind and helps your body operate at peak capacity. What’s not to like? It can be interesting to see exactly how it affects you when you’ve been cooped up in a building all winter and during the work day. You breathe easier – and that’s no just a clever turn of phrase!

With so many benefits and the ability to shake up your routine for the better, hosting and attending tent events and occasions is actually good for you! While we can’t plan your events for you, our Customer Account Managers are one hand to answer any other questions you may have: give us a call at (866) 438-8368 or email Sales@CelinaTent.com.