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One Last Exercise in Seasonal Tent Storage

It’s the end of the tenting season, and you’re ready to pack your tents away for winter. They’ve been cleaned, repaired, properly stored, and you’re just beginning to close the door on a successful year of tent set ups and rentals.

And that’s when you hear it.

You hear, just at the edges of your perception, a telltale moan that drifts out from your storage unit with a low rumble, the sound seemingly dragging itself from the farthest reaches of the afterlife. It clings desperately to the sole desire to walk and speak and live again. Yep – your tents are haunted.

Not Again!

Tent hauntings can occur to any tent owner, from seasoned rental experts to first-time home users. “But how does my tent become haunted? Will it stay haunted if I store it for the winter? Does Tent Cleaner help?” Fear not (or fear, in case you’re scared of ghosts) – as a tent manufacturer with years’ worth of rental experience, we can walk you through a step-by-step identification and cleansing process that can shake loose the most hardcore spiritual debris.


Step One: Identification

The hardest and most time consuming part of tent cleansing is getting to understand what, exactly, is haunting your tent. Is this ghost haunting it to get back at you, or has it attached to your fabric and frame arbitrarily? Can you split up the hardware and spread the ghost’s work so thin to basically negate any spooky goings-on?

Personal Guilt Ghost

Normally attributed to someone having been wronged in death, a Personal Guilt Ghost is there because of you, plain and simple. Try and think back to any time you may have caused someone’s death during an installation or tent striking procedure. Did you have a long history of being mean to this particular worker before their untimely demise? Did you happen to cause their untimely demise? If this is the case, ghostly tent happenings are probably the least of your worries right now, but it’s good to know why it’s happening.

Residual Haunting

The hallmark of “this place is haunted you guys” stories where nothing bad happens, a residual haunting is like having a movie that keeps skipping and replaying the same scene over and over again. The ghost or apparitions are most likely unaware that you can see them, or in fact that they are haunting you at all. This is good news, seeing as how they are the least likely to get upset when you try to get rid of them. You can identify these by the ghost’s lack of response to your presence or attempts to interact.


In case your ghost isn’t covered under the previous two, there are simply so many different kinds of hauntings that you should make a quick assessment of anyone who’s died in your tents, any possibly pre-haunted locations your tents are installed on (noted on your Pre-Installation Site Inspection Survey), or possible standard witch employees who may be mixing their time-off activities with work.


Step Two: Removal

Celina, a division of Celina Tent, Inc., has found these three removal methods to be the most effective, especially in a pinch:

  • Tent Cleaner (and Burial)

Sometimes a ghost or ghoul is motivated not to move on to the afterlife by a lingering piece of themselves lodged somewhere in your tent. Perhaps a remnant of clothing or a sentimental piece of jewelry was packed in with your tent top or sidewall. Be sure to clean your tent thoroughly and bury any found objects with the ghost’s corporeal remains.

  • Bequeath your Haunted Items to Someone Else

In case you fear your own imminent demise, due to spirits or otherwise, the classic relay-race-hand-off is an easy way to get rid of haunted items upon your death. Make sure they are given to distant relatives, ones that most likely aren’t already aware of their haunted nature.

  • Dish Soap

Ironic though it sounds the grease-repelling properties of common dish soaps works wonders on tough, baked-on spirits. Locate any and all tent hardware or fabrics that seem to house otherworldly beings, and lightly scrub using warm water, dish soap, and a soft cloth or sponge. Be sure to rinse with clean, warm water and dry completely before storage.


As always, if you have any questions on tent cleaning, storage, or paranormal elimination feel free to email us at Sales@CelinaTent.com or give us a call at (866) 438-8368. Be sure to join us next year for our full line of pumpkin-inspired tents and accessories – they all smell like cinnamon!