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Globe Light, Globe Bright

One of our most popular products for outfitting parties and patio events is the Globe Light. Celina offers them in many different varieties, including different color themes and globe amounts not to mention post light applications. Globe Lighting is easy to use and simple to install but has a few hidden secrets that you may not be aware of. Read on for Super-Secret Divulging Time!

Secret #1 – General Info

We realize that general information about a product isn’t normally considered a secret. Common sense would dictate that we cover it anyway, just in case you haven’t been privy to the various tidbits that are available on each product page.

1 Globe Post Light - White

6 Globe Strands – Colors

2 Globe Strands – White

8 Globe Strands – White

6 Globe Strands with Shades – White

4 Globe Chandelier/Post Light – White

Secret #2 – Watts That?!?

After hanging and powering your new lighting strand you can bask in the warming glow of your new light sources. Just make sure they aren’t too bright. Each style of globe light is intended for use with 40 watt light bulbs. There are two main reasons for this: mood and heat.

When we say mood, we’re referring to the most common use for globe lighting – decoration. Globe lights aren’t really intended to be a major source of light for an event. With enough strung together you can make any tent fairly bright, but the point of a globe light is to add festive colors and atmosphere to your gathering. Situations where guests need to be reading or completing complicated tasks are better served to be lit by flood lighting.

Heat is a common byproduct of most types of lights (not LEDs - that’s another blog). More power output (or lumens, or watts) from light bulbs typically generates more heat. Now imagine more and more heat all trapped within the poly-carbonate globe. Each strand of Globe Lights is intended for 40 watt bulbs because they won’t cause the globes on the strand to melt, as they will with brighter lights. Each globe base has the standard screw-in bulb insert; it’s up to the end user to choose the bulb they prefer to use, so long as the heat output doesn’t exceed that of common 40 watt bulbs.

Secret #3 – Stretch Globe-Strong

Just like Christmas lights, there are a great many different situations and uses that people look to Globe Lighting for. Patios, tents, and outdoor eating areas are some of the favorite uses for globe strands, most of which do not adhere to a standard size or shape. Strands of globes are connected with coiled, stretchy wire that allows you to expand each line up to fill up spaces. Multiple strands can be combined in order to completely light whatever area you are decorating.

* * * * *

Popular for both businesses and just around the house, Celina Tent’s various styles of Globe Lighting are available online here. Be sure to check out all of our event accessories and tools to make each and every event a memorable one. Have questions? Feel free to call us at (866) 793-4083 or send an email to Sales@CelinaTent.com.