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Wedded Bliss Under the Canopy

With the spring air making everyone all twitter-pated (which now carries more meaning after the advent of “Twitter”), outdoor weddings will now begin in earnest. And there’s no reason why you can’t have one as well!

While it seems like the idyllic outdoor wedding event is something straight out of the movies, tented outdoor weddings and receptions really aren’t too difficult to manage. With the proper set up and a tiny bit of extra leg work, wedded life can begin in the prettiest way possible.

Budgetary Concerns

Just as a combine rental hall and reception location can bring down the cost of a location, making that location under a tent can further increase your savings. Most outdoor venues that can host your event will run slightly below the cost range of most halls, with fewer or reduced amounts for items like services charges and taxes.

Tent rental agencies will take care of the installation and striking, leaving you with only needing to decorate once the structure is up. Tables and chairs for your guests will be a main factory in calculating the tent size and installation time; Celina has a page in our Knowledge Center that details seating requirements and has a chart to relate tent sizes with required amounts of seating.

Beauteous Nature (and Protecting Against it)

With the warming air and flowers starting to bloom, you’d be hard pressed to find a lovelier view for nuptials. Even should rain occur, most spring storms bring a freshness to the air that can’t be beat. In case you are worried about weather making it less enjoyable, most rental companies can provide added sidewalls to tents that with window panels that still let light shine through. There are even heating and cooling units that can be added to tents that bring the interior to just the right temperature to make even the fussiest aunt or relative comfortable and cozy.

Better Clean Up

Bet you were wondering how I was coming up with another “B” huh. Cleaning at an outdoor site, whether its done by a staff, crew, or by dedicated wedding attendees, is more of a perfunctory effort. There is no vacuuming to be done (because it’s ground), and similarly food and drink spills are less of a hassle to deal with. Larger pieces of food debris need to be removed, along with anything like flatware, napkins, and any other decorations or accessories. The trash is bagged and you’re ready to go!

Weddings in the sun literally rhymes with “having lots of fun”, so you know I’m not kidding when I say that outdoor tent weddings are some of the best kind you can have. Celina can help in you in providing accessories and decorations that can make your special day even better, including custom printed banners and table covers perfect for airy outdoor environments. Give us a call today – (866) 783-4083 – or email Sales@CelinaTent.com for more ways we can make ordering more hassle free!