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Container Shipping: Getting Everything You Need for the New Year

Celina has a long history with event services. Heck – we started as a rental business ourselves. You can read about that here.

Every so often there comes a time when you need to replace an awful lot of your stock – be it because of wear and tear taking their toll or just a desire to move on with trends for your industry. We have a special service that deals directly in this kind of purchase: Shipping Container Orders. Making full-container orders of items lets you get the most economical price for your items, gives you a large quantity in one convenient order, and ensures that you can accommodate nearly any number of guests.

The page “Container Pricing” that is located in our Knowledge Center gives a more step-by-step run down of the container order process. It details not only the series of steps that a container order will go through, but also lets you know an approximate time frame for each stage.

What to Get ….

The majority of Celina’s shipping container orders involve tables and chairs. This is mainly due to the venue-centric portions of the rental industry. While one or two tents can cover hundreds of guests, they will each need their own seat and spot at the table.

One major draw is Celina’s new Stacking Chairs. We’ve been working on finding sourcing to give you the highest quality stacking chair that we can find, and offering them to you at the best price imaginable. With now 6 different styles in a wide range of colors, you can restock an entire inventory in the coming year’s hottest styles!

Act Now!

Under closer scrutiny, eagle-eyed readers who’ve looked at the containers page may have already noted that the time frame for full-container order is rather elongated in comparison to normal order delivery time. At its lengthiest a total of 12 weeks (3 months) can be expected from order placement to final container delivery. This is due to the massive number of items that need to be fabricated, and also to the movement of this mass quantity. Which is easier to move – a hand full of apples, or a full 12 bushels? Thought so.

To ensure that you get your items before the big event season Celina suggests that container orders be made before the end of the year. This gives your shipment plenty of time for manufacturing, transit, and delivery with enough left over for you to properly catalog and store our new merchandise. You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to start marketing your new assets!

Container orders can be placed by contacting any of our friendly sales associates, listed here on our contacts page. Have a contact already? Send them an email today and find out more about bulk ordering!