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Pole Tents vs. Frame Tents

When choosing the basic style of support for your tent, the two most common options are our Classic Frame and Classic Pole set ups. Because they differ so much in installation method and important points, we've broken the comparison down to a simple chart and video:



Pole Tents Frame Tents

Center and Side Poles

Frame System

Advantages of a Pole Tent include: Advantages of a Frame Tent include:
  1. Lower price than similar sized frame tents
  2. Easy to install
  3. Available in widths up to 80' (24 m)
  4. Easy to transport; fewer parts and less space
  1. No center poles or obstructions
  2. Flexible layout/floor plan options
  3. Freestanding
  4. Aesthetically pleasing
Disadvantages of a Pole Tent include: Disadvantages of a Frame Tent include:
  1. Requires a larger installation footprint
  2. Staking is critical
  3. Inside views can be obstructed by center poles
  1. More hardware and components
  2. Possible transportation issues
  3. Maximum 40' (12 m) width
Celina Pole Tent Brands: Celina Frame Tent Brands:


Presto Series Pole Canopies
Classic Series Pole Tents
TP Series Tents
Premiere I Series High Peak Pole Tents
Premiere II Series Engineered High Peak Pole Tents



Classic Series Frame Tents
Classic Series Gable Frame Tents
Master Series Frame Tents
Master Series High Peak Frame Tents

Video: Pole Tent Basics Video: Frame Tent Basics



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