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Get a Hand (or Hook) Installing Tents with the Frame Tent Jack

Get a Hand (or Hook) Installing Tents with the Frame Tent Jack

While perusing our website, you’ll notice that there are LOTS of different tent sizes. Organized by width, each category contains up to 15 or 20 different lengths per width option. That’s more than 400 individual tent sizes! While the smallest in each category can range from 8’ to 30’ wide depending on that tent’s design, it’s easy to see how tents can quickly fall into the “we’re gonna need a bigger set-up crew” region (Jaws reference FTW). No matter whether you’re an experienced rental installation crew or are setting up a tent in your yard for the first time, there are tools to help in lifting any frame tent. The most important of which is the Frame Tent Jack.

Simple and Yet So Helpful

At heart, the Frame Tent Jack is a large supported pole with a pulley at the top connected to a hand crank on near the base. The end of the pulley’s metal line has a hooked bracket, sized to fit around standard West Coast Style Frame tubing. The simplicity is one of the main draws of the jack – there are loops on the base to insert metal stakes if you want to increase the jack’s stability, and the main post disassembles in the middle to allow you to fit it into smaller vehicles without needed to have one end stuck out a window.

From there, usage is really as simple as 1-2-3-4:

  1. Guide the hook underneath the perimeter tubing of the tent near a leg location.
  2. Crank the handle to lift – make sure you are in time with any other jacks lifting the same side.
  3. Install tent legs into the fittings.
  4. Loosen the line and drop the hook back to the base of the jack.

A Necessity?

In most situations where a person is looking into a tent jack for the first time, the main question they have it whether or not they really, truly need the frame tent jack. It all draws down to the size of tents you’re using and frequency with which you’ll be setting them up/tearing them down.

Tent Sizing

Most tents of any size require at a minimum two people to install. Once you start having tents with two or three leg locations between corners on one side (corners being the standard lifting areas), the weight of the frame can cause metal deformation that can cause serious injury should any of the framework break. The amount of weight over the distance also makes lifting harder. Once the tent size becomes an issue, frame tent jacks help to lift the weight evenly and shoulder the bulk of the load

Regularity of Installation

For tents that are just on the cusp of requiring a frame tent jack, single or long-term installations don’t make a frame tent jack worth the investment and storage space. When the tents are going up and down regularly though (think of rental companies or event centers that offer outdoor spaces), the amount of effort saved by the jack can be a lifesaver. Simplifying the overall process can make tent installation or striking faster and easier for all parties involved.

For installers from rental businesses to tent enthusiasts, the frame tent jack provides the easiest and safest installation practice for all frame-style tents. Celina sells frame tent jacks disassembled on skids to allow for the easiest shipping, and has a video (located here) and their assembly and usage. For more information, call us today to find out more info on our frame tent jack inventory, or find more resources at www.GetTent.com.