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On Again, Off Again – Canopies and their Frames


It can be very hard to separate a canopy from its frame. To be fair, they are literally made to work together (yes, literally). That’s part of what makes the Fast Shade such a hit with the marketing crowd – easily contained in the wheeled roller bag, it can be installed in minutes by tossing the canopy onto the telescoping frame, locking it in place, and starting your event. And when you’re doing, you hit the unlocking tabs, fold it up, and toss it in the roller bag. Off you go!

At least that what people tend to thing, and it’s not the best case scenario. Frames and fabric do get along in most cases, but it is vital to the health of your canopy for it to be removed and stored separately.  On the roller bag that comes with Fast Shade canopies is a smaller pocket which is meant for storage of the canopy fabric. Directions for Fast Shades, printed or not, ask you to remove (ugh) the canopy fabric, fold it up small (double-ugh), and store it in the separate pocket (ULTRA-UGH). We do have good reasons for asking you to do this, though. Such as:

Everything in its Place

Like your neighbor who loves tinkering in his garage will tell you, making sure that every item has a place all its own is the best way to ensure you’ll know where to find it. The smaller pocket on the roller bag was added specifically to accommodate folded canopies. This makes it easier to identify if the canopy has been removed from a Fast Shade set (say for cleaning, repairs, etc.). It also lets you check on which canopy is held in the bag without needing to open and fumble around the frame section of the storage bag.

Zone of Protection

Separating the fabric in its own area aids in protecting the fabric a little more. This section is quite a big smaller than the main compartment, and as we all know it’s definitely harder to hit a smaller target (we’re looking at you, water drips, cleaning chemicals and ketchup). Following the directions and removing the fabric after use for storage in the compartment also ensures that any foreign items – think leaves, bugs, and other small bits of debris that may fall onto the canopy – will be easily sluffed off prior to packing. This minimizes the chance of staining or mildew growth during storage.

Safe from Itself

“But,” you may be saying to yourself as you read on, “if I leave the fabric attached to the frame, I’ll definitely know it’s there - with the frame – and it’ll be folded up and safe within the main part of the bag!” Yes, those are decent points, but the main reason that the canopy should be removed is that the frame itself doesn’t harm your fabric.

When a Fast Shade frame collapses, the various hinging parts of the frame create a series of pinch points at the corners and along the valance sections. If caught, the fabric canopy can get snagged or even cut or ripped by the hardware

* * * * *

Fast Shades (frame and tops) and Roller Bags can be purchased together or separately to help you create your own marketing and trade show set up or allow you to upgrade or replace just the parts your need (in case you, I don’t know, maybe packed your canopy on the frame and it got damaged). Talk with any of our Customer Account Managers by calling (866) 438-8368 and we’ll happily get you whatever you need to make an impression at your next event!