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Us versus Them: The Affordable Tent Wars


Celina’s Fast Shade series of canopies are one of our proudest achievements. Perfect for marketing, tailgating, or home use, these versatile tents are just a few clicks away from providing shade or shelter no matter where you decide to install them. That’s why “fast” is in the name (wink). As our premiere marketing canopy, Fast Shades are often printed with branding to make an impression at trade shows, fairs, or anywhere you’re creating an installation.

One of the questions we get most often when discussing the Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy is also kind of frustrating – “Why can’t I just buy a shade tent from a big box store?” I mean, we’re here to offer you something of quality; a canopy that you can tailor to whatever use you need, and one that will last for use after use. Why buy a pop up canopy from Celina? Well ….

Breakin’ It Down

When you research the canopy for your event, one of the main deciding factors is going to be the price. The reasoning behind why one shelter or another is priced any different comes down to two aspects: Cost and Profit.

When we say Cost, we are referring to the amount of money it takes for the seller to get the final product. In most cases for general stores, that’s how much they have to pay a manufacturer for it in the first place. For places like Celina, where we are the manufacturer, we calculate our cost based on what it takes to make it. Since we don’t then have to buy it from ourselves, we’ve skipped one complete transaction and don’t add that cost onto the price for our customers. Where the big box companies are essentially buying the product to resell, Celina as a manufacturer can skip this step. That’s an entire level of mark-up that we’re avoiding.

Profit is necessary because you need to pay your employees. You can’t sell an item for the cost to manufacture it because you’ve made nothing off of the deal – that’s $0 to pay your workers and to buy more materials, which is bad business (because your workers need to feed their children and tonight it’s spaghetti night). Celina’s Fast Shades are crafted with higher quality materials because we can commit a greater percentage of profit back into our products. Higher quality fabrics, inks, and manufacturing machines can be acquired.

The Nitty Gritty

Once you’ve taken to comparing Celina Fast Shades and common pop up canopies, most people will notice that the Celina canopy can be more costly. This is due to the enhanced quality and improvements that our shelters have over most of our competition. A few of the canopy enhancements include:

  • Reinforced Framework
  • High Quality, Printable Vinyl
  • Inter-connectivity with Canopy Accessories
  • Fabric Top Tension Adjusters


For a better in-depth comparison, you can visit our YouTube Channel and see our Pop Up Canopy Comparison Video. We’re certain that our improvements in the overall usage and quality of Fast Shade Pop Up Canopies will ensure years and years of easy-care usage no matter what event you’re setting up for. If you have any questions about this or any of Celina’s products, feel free to call us at (866) 438-8368 or visit our Knowledge Center for more in-depth articles on shelters and canopies.