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Keeping Sheltered – Crestline Truss Arch Fabric Shelters

A few weeks back we had a blog detailing the types of shelters that can be used for winter storage. Where most of our party and event tents do not possess any kind of snow rating, and should therefore be relegated to use during the other three seasons, two of our 17 brands are specifically designed for this style of longer-term usage. Today we’re going to deal with the Crestline Truss Arch Shelter, and explore all of its possibilities.

The Basics

Each Crestline, no matter which size or style, is created by hoisting arches and connecting them with purlin segments, then bolting the entire assembly in place. Doesn’t seem too difficult, does it? Each of the arches is designed specifically for that dimension of shelter, allowing for the maximum amount of stability no matter how the wind blows or rain (or snow) falls.

The main time factor in installation is the hardware connections; nuts and bolts take time to install, but offer the greatest amount of holding power with the least chance of becoming unfastened over time.

Structures, BYO-Walls

Many of the larger styles are complete shelters in and of themselves, but the beauty of the Crestline design is that there are also a few that can be added to existing items to create covered areas. The “container shelters” are created such that the bulk of the wall portion is made of shipping containers placed with space – either 25’ or 31’ - in between.

Crestline container shelters are best suited for areas that need a minimum of protection – mostly storage piles for product like mulch, pallet piles, and so on. Neither of the two sizes has end walls, making these best for protection from rain and snow at the most.

We’re Also a Member!

It’s easy to convey the ease and simplicity of an item when you don’t have one sitting in front of you, but we know how great these are from experience. For one year, even Celina Tent used a Crestline at our Celina, Ohio facility for additional storage. We filmed the entire installation to accurately show the proper procedure (see the video here).

Once our additional building space was completed, all of the stored fabrics were transferred back indoors to their new storage areas no worse for the wear.

Our friendly customer account managers can fill you in on more information – just give us a call at 866-767-9242 or email us at sales@celinatent.com. We’d be glad to pass along any and all answers you need and get you on your way to affordable, easy temporary storage!

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for our blog on the other long-term shelters Celina Tent sells, the PROspan Fabric Structures!