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Convertibles for Sale!

They aren’t just for midlife crises anymore! Celina sells convertibles in two different models, with your choice of colors, logos, branding – you name it, we can get it to you. As a sound investment that allows you to make a great introduction and turn heads, there’s no greater purchase!

Oh, and we’re all talking about convertible table covers, right? Good.

Hardy-Har, Very Funny

I know, right?

How Does it Work?

Convertible table covers are manufactured so that once you get the cloth centered (either by lining up the front logo or simply laying it out evenly on top of the table) on a table that is the smaller size for that cloth, the front corners of the cloth can be pulled back around the sides of the table and attached to the table edge with hook and loop tabs, which pulls the cloth into a sleek, fitted cover.

While not the greatest magic trick we could come up with, the convertible table cover does have many benefits for any company or business that is in the habit of traveling and presenting at different venues.

The Uses

Obviously, a table cover that better fits two table sizes  is going to give you a lot more leeway when you are trying to set up a table for presentations and events.

  • Convention Centers/Trade Shows

We’ve all been there – traveling early mornings and late nights to get to the center, setting up the booth, and getting your merchandise, flyers, pamphlets, and displays in order. No venue has unlimited space or resources, and maybe you aren’t getting that 6’ table you were hoping to snag. Settling for 4’ is going to mean an awful lot of your table cover sitting on the (may recently swept) floor, getting kicked around and walked on. Sounds like a lot of wear on your investment.

Using the 4’-6’ Convertible Table Cover would take up the extra slack, keeping your cover out of harm’s way and still giving your table a presentable and clean-laying form that will enhance your layout.


  • Out and About vs. Home Presentations

The tables you use at your business lunches and corporate meetings at your base location can be any size you want – they are your tables, after all. That 8’ table fits everything so perfectly! But there is no one that wants to haul around 8’ tables whenever they need to use a new location.

Having a table cover that can go a size lower – say, the 6’-8’ Convertible Table Cover – means you don’t have to take the table, but the same cover can be used regardless.


As with all of Celina’s table covers, we can print any design and logo right onto the cloth to make your cover a lasting (and washable!) display piece. The best presentations have a continuous flow and look to the visuals involved – don’t settle for the closest stock color to your company’s logo, get the real deal!

Celina is available for chatting on the phone (844-803-9444) if you have any specific questions about the covers or printing in general, or you can reach us through the chat box at the bottom right hand corner of any Celina website!