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Keeping the Lights On

It’s getting closer to the time when light just isn’t going to last as long at the end of the day. It’s even dark as I’m arriving at work in the morning. This can be a bummer, as not being able to see who you’re talking to can really spoil a get-together in your back yard or patio. Tent Lighting can be the difference between packing up and heading home and enjoying that last hour or two of good hang-out time.

Celina offers many different kinds of hanging globe lighting that are easy to hang in tents:

White Globe Lights

Celina’s most popular globe lighting, each strand has a total of 8 globes, each of which has a hook at the top of the light for easy hanging. As the globe lighting standard, you get the most light (and most fixtures) for you dollar.

Copper Shaded Globe Lights

Copper shades add a beauty to lighting, and make these better suited toward being hung outside or tents or other structures. Each strand has a black cord (the only globe lighting to not have white cords), and has a total of 6 globes along the 25’ length.

2-Globe Strand Lights

These strands, having a much shorter length and only two globes, are best suited for intimate lighting or central lighting from Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tents. The latter is due to the Pinnacle’s cross-cable design; lights can hang from the center of the tent, attached to the cables running underneath the center mast.

Colored Globe Lights

Celina’s has sets of 6 globe strands that have different colorations. Are you looking to light up an area with low, ambient light? Bronze Globe Lights allow you to light areas without an overly harsh glow. If you’re looking for more general color, the Multi-Color Globe Lights are for you. And for your July 4th festivities, we carry Patriotic Globe Lighting, too.

Multi-Colored Globe Lights

Like colors? Then boy, are these lights right up your alley.

As each of the globe sits very close to the bulb, it should not be more than 40 watts. Brighter bulbs can cause the globes to melt if left on for extended periods of time. For additional electrical safety, make sure no more than four strands are connected to each other in a row. If you’d like any more information on our available lighting, including rope lighting or PAR38 light canisters, give us a call at (866) 761-1192 or email us at Sales@CelinaTent.com.