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Staying Prepped and Ready: Mid-Winter Tent Checkups


We all know that tents are great three out of four quarters of the year. Protecting guests from spring showers, providing shade in the summer sun, and sheltering the perfect tailgating event are all common tenting occasions. But once that chill wind begins to blow, most tents are tucked out of sight until the piles of snow melt and coats don’t have to be zipped up so tight.

Contrary to what you may think, now is actually the perfect time to check back in with your vinyl friends to make sure that their off-season is going well. Whether you’ve stored them in an exterior storage shed or in part of your main building, a little checkup never hurts when it comes to the money and time you have invested in fabric tents. Follow our quick four-point checklist for winter tent inspection:

  • Inspect for Pests and Intruders

Check exterior packaging, surroundings, and bag openings

 Winter, with its enduring cold and harsh environmental strains, often drives small creatures to seek shelter. In some cases, this can mean your rolled tents. A quick visual inspection of the interior of your storage area, including looking out for errant debris, can reinforce your peace of mind. Cleaner storage areas and lifted storage racks can deter pests from getting into your fabric, and make any intrusion much easier to notice.


  • Double-Check Inventory Levels

Ensure that inventory levels are as noted for beginning-of-the-year planning

 As the year counter turns over people are already beginning to plan spring events. While booking these installations, a quick rehash of your tents and accessories to make sure you have the hardware for these events is a must. If you’ve received any new inventory in the down season, you can assess your newly completed inventory in preparation for the coming season.


  • Finalize Repairs

Stop putting off any last minute work on fabric and hardware

 The phrase “When I get around to it” can be the lynchpin of a failed opening season. This is the perfect time to check to see that all required repairs have been finished so that the entirety of your stock is ready to go the moment you have an installation, no matter when you season starts.


  • Review Organization

Label bins and check for clear, concise ordering of materials

 Seasonal rentals are usually timed to be during the best weather, making rental season BUSY. Making sure that all items are in clearly labeled, well-organized storage area can be the difference between a simple stream-lined operation and a clawing, scrambling mess that is fun for no one. Being pre-season, there is time to organize your stock to best fit your space and style.

Aphorisms are catchy sayings meant to convey a common knowledge or general truth, such as “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With that saying in mind, you can just imagine the amount of headaches, bustles, and possible swearing that you’ll save. If you find in your inventory checking that you may be short a few items, you can always visit our website or call a customer account manager at (866) 438-8368 to see how Celina can get you what you need!