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Upgrading Event Walkways – the Quick and Easy Way

We spend a lot of time discussing the values gained from tents – from the various installation methods and support styles to additional accessories and custom printing. Tents have also been put to a wide variety of uses. Can you image a Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy shading an animal pen at a fair? It’s been done!

We often suggest the smaller-sized Gable Series Frame Tents as coverings for walkways due to their ability to butt up against buildings, but it’s not often covered what you would do if said walkway isn’t paved. Sure, your head is dry, but what about your shoes? And high traffic areas are quick to become a muddy mess due to run off that doesn’t need to have fallen directly onto it. What does Celina Tent suggest? Portable Flooring!

Whether you’re connecting buildings, creating a series of walkways, or covering entire outdoor expanses for seating or crowds, the addition of portable flooring makes less of a mess for large groups and can even protect your lawn.


Portable flooring comes in three separate styles, depending on the amount and types of use they are intended for.

SSC Portable Surface Cover

Our basic model of flooring, SSC Portable Surface Cover is comprised of a series of interlocking plates that can be pre-assembled and unrolled at the installation site. Each tread connects to other with tabs along the edges, which creates a seamless surface that doesn’t have tripping hazards. SSC flooring has a weight rating of 200 psi. Along with the ease of pre-connection, treads can last through up to five years of continuous use before any negative effects due to UV exposure.

PRO Portable Surface Cover

Similar in use to the standard SSC flooring, PRO Portable Surface Covers go big – each individual tread is twice as large (6” by 24”, as opposed to 3” by 12”) and is made to be more resistant to everyday wear. As a whole, PRO flooring is able to withstand a maximum weight load of 220 psi, still exhibiting a minimum five year resistance to UV degradation and color fading. Tabs still connect all treads to form the floor without gaps that may cause pinch points.

Turf Protection Flooring

In case the area you’re covering has aesthetic value invested in the tended lawn, Turf Protection Flooring is for you. The entire design is centered on the idea of keeping any covered grass protected while providing stable flooring for your event. Support molding under each tread allows for space to let plant life breath, with drainage holes to let water and air pass through. TPF still connects with the tab system used by the other flooring styles.

While most flooring arrives in sheets, common usage has the floors assembled in long sheets that are rolled for fast installation. Sheets can be unrolled at the installation site, have any excess quickly removed from the end, and tabbed together side-to-side for complete installation in a matter of hours, depending on your coverage area.

Celina Tent sells our flooring, along with any other event accessories, online 24/7. We even have chat personnel on standby at all hours in case you have any questions! For more in-depth information, you can give us a call at 866-761-1192. Call today!