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Case File #18-3K

Unexplained Dimensional Rift

Use of the rift in question was relegated to one specific individual, who entered a trance-like state and was able to access a never-before-acknowledged rift that lay to the rear of the filming location. As Celina Tent, Inc. film shoots are generally planned at the same outdoor location, it can be assumed that any other unusual activity in the area is related to this occurrence.


Event Type:  

Access to Phenomenon




Lakeside Filming Location

Description of Event:  


During the filming of a social media video, an employee working on the filming crew

entered some kind of trance. While in the trance there was no communication with

the employee, as she entered the frame of the film shoot and proceeded to enter into

some sort of rift and vanish from view. Employee has not been seen since, and no other

individual has been able to access the rift.

 Video Evidence: