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Before You Dig

By law you are required to contact your local utilities office before you plan to dig - this also applies when staking/anchoring a tent, canopy, fabric shelter, or structure. After calling, your local utility company will mark (or spot) the location of underground utility lines at your installation site.

Laws vary from state to state on how far in advance you must call. Failure to obtain a line location before digging can result in a delay of installation, substantial fine, or can even lead to serious injury or death.


Contact Information

Below is a table of local "Call Before You Dig" numbers. Be sure to call well in advance to avoid any penalties prior to staking a tent, canopy, shelter, or fabric structure.

Alabama Alabama Line Location 800/292-8525
Alaska Locate Call Center of Alaska 800/478-3121
Arizona Arizona Blue Stake 800/782-5348
Arkansas Arkansas One Call System 800/482-8998
California Underground Service Alert 800/227-2600
Colorado Utility Notification Center of Colorado 800/922-1987
Connecticut Call Before You Dig 800/922-4455
Delaware Miss Utility of Delaware 800/282-8555
Florida Call Sunshine 800/432-4770
Georgia Utilities Protection Center 800/282-7411
Hawaii  Underground Service Alert North 800/227-2600
Underground Service Alert South 800/227-2600
Idaho     Palouse Empire Underground 800/822-1974
Utilities Underground Location Center 800/424-5555
Dig Line 800/342-1585
One Call Concepts - Idaho 800/626-4950
Shoshone County One Call 800/398-3285
Illinois Chicago Utility Alert Network 800/892-0123
Indiana Indiana Underground Plant Protection 800/382-5544
Iowa Underground Plant Location Service 800/292-8989
Kansas Kansas One-Call Center 800/344-7233
Kentucky Kentucky Underground Protection 800/752-6007
Louisiana Louisiana One Call System 800/272-3020
Maine Dig Safe - Maine 888/344-7233
Maryland  Miss Utility 800/257-7777
Miss Utility of DESMARVA 800/282-8555
Massachusetts Dig Safe-Massachusetts 888/344-7233
Michigan Miss Dig System 800/482-7171
Minnesota Gopher State One Call 800/252-1166
Mississippi Mississippi One Call System 800/227-6477
Missouri Missouri One Call System 800/344-7483
Montana  Utilities Underground Location Center 800/424-5555
Montana U-Dig 800/551-8344
Nebraska Diggers Hotline 800/331-5666
Nevada Underground Service Alert North 800/227-2600
New Hampshire Dig Safe-New Hampshire 888/344-7233
New Jersey Garden State Underground 800/272-1000
New Mexico  New Mexico One Call System 800/321-2537
Las Cruces-Dona Ana Utility Council 888/526-0400
New York Dig Safely New York 800/926-7962
  New York City-Long Island One Call 800/272-4480
North Carolina North Carolina One Call 800/634-4949
North Dakota North Dakota One Call 800/795-0555
Ohio  Ohio Utilities Protective Service 800/362-2764
Oil & Gas Producers Underground 800/925-2988
Oklahoma Call Okie 800/522-6543
Oregon Oregon Utilities Notification Center 800/332-2344
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania One Call System 800/242-1776
Rhode Island Dig Safe-Rhode Island 888/344-7233
South Carolina Palmetto Utility Protection Service 800/922-0983
South Dakota South Dakota One Call 800/781-7474
Tennessee Tennessee One-Call System 800/351-1111
Texas  Texas One Call System 800/245-4545
Texas Excavation Safety System 800/344-8377
Utah Lone Star Notification System 800/669-8344
Vermont Blue Stakes Location Center 800/622-4111
Virginia   Dig Safe - Vermont 888/344-7233
Miss Utility of Virginia 800/552-7001
Miss Utility 800/257-7777
Washington     Miss Utility of DELMARVA 800/441-8355
Notification Center 800/424-5555
Utilities Council of Cowlitz County 360/425-2506
UpperYakima City Underground 800/553-4344
Inland Empire Utility Coordinating 509/456-8000
West Virginia Miss Utility of West Virginia 800/245-4848
Wisconsin Diggers Hotline 800/242-8511
Wyoming  Wyoming One Call 800/348-1030
Call Before you DIg Wyoming 800/849-2476
District of Columbia Miss Utility 800/257-7777
Canada      Alberta One Call 800/242-3447
Ontario 800/400-2255
Info-Excavation (Quebec) 800/663-9228
BC One Call 800/474-6886
Manitoba - Winnipeg 240/480-1212
Manitoba & Saskatchewan Safe 800/827-5094



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