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Working Through the Cold – Athens Tents are Ready for You!

Construction is one area that has a hard time taking a break. Whether there is a need for new buildings that has been delayed until the fall and winter months or repairs that simply cannot be put off, more often than not there will be areas where the work continues, rain or shine. And when the work must go on, the Athens Utility Shelter is ready.

The Athens Utility Shelter is one of Celina’s most popular items for the construction industry; easy to use and lightweight construction let the Athens be a fantastic on-the-go shelter.

Created for Simplicity

Because Athens Utility Shelters are required for use on the fly, several design aspects have been combined to ensure that they can transition from storage to use at a moment’s notice.

  • Easy Storage and Transportation

The best part about storing the Athens is that is takes up so little space. When collapsed and stowed in the storage bag, each tent takes up no more room than your average folded camping chair. The bag has a sewn-on shoulder strap, allowing you to keep your hands free while carrying it.


  • Lightweight

Weighing 15 pounds (6.8 kg) in total, it’s not hard to take an Athens tent along on most journeys. All fabric used in the shelters is high-visibility nylon or mesh. Frame portions, supporting three walls and the roof, are made with flexible and light fiberglass rods that are permanently connected to the fabric. Even when completely expanded, an un-anchored Athens tent can be easily manipulated and moved to any location.


  • Quick Installation

Once you’ve arrived at the work site, it only takes a few seconds to get your shelter up and running. Removed from the bag, the shelter is arranged on the ground with the white roof portion facing up. The roof portion and each supported (non-door) wall of the shelter have the supporting fiberglass rods connected at a central point; at this point is a small fabric tab. Simply pull the tab until the rods snap into place, and move on to the next wall.


To ensure that the tent stays in place safely, flaps at the shelter’s base should be pinned and the tabs at the center of each wall should likewise be connected to anchors via guy lines. Always be sure to properly anchor any tent or shelter before use.

The Athens Utility Shelter is the perfect companion for construction sites. Portability makes them a minimal hindrance, and each shelter is large enough to cover a manhole or house 2-3 workers. The waterproof nylon fabric keeps your site free of rain or snow accumulation, and provides a refreshing break from any blowing winds.

For more information, including door use and a quick installation run through check out this YouTube video or send us and email to sales@CelinaTent.com. We’re here to help!