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Athens Shelters – A Shining Example of Versatile Use

The majority of our tents at Celina Tent are made for very general use; white vinyl canopies are great for  fairs, parties, backyards, event centers, schools, temporary storage. You know the drill. The same tent set up to cover a birthday part one week can be used to house merchandise at an arts-and-crafts festival the next. Of course, we also make items whose uses are more tailored, more specific to a single set of needs. These, while intended for a single style of use, can of course be used for whatever you want. That’s the beauty of tent ownership!

Athens: Lots of Use in a Little Package

One of our easiest to use specially designed items is the Athens Utility Shelter. As the name suggests, this shelter was originally intended for use at construction and utility site; several features were added for just this application.

  • Athens tents are small, nylon-fabric pop up tents that have no flooring or bottom and include vents and a single zipper door. Each shelter is packed away in an easy to store, easy to carry bundle vaguely reminiscent of a poster tube or small duffel. They can easily be slipped into the backseat of a car, or into any kind of maintenance van or storage area with ease. In the event that a site has multiple areas that need covered, bringing additional units won’t be a major burden on crews to transport to the site.
  • The fabric is bright yellow to help increase visibility. This is vitally important as a safety aspect; they are most often put up over sites to protect them from weather and to let others know that the area is an activity zone. This coloring also allows them to match the high-visibility vests often worn by construction crews, keeping with the ‘caution’ theme.
  • Each shelter is anchored using either guy lines out from the center of each non-door wall to stakes, or by staking the grommets at the base of the walls. This allows you to place them in areas with different terrain; regular ground can use the grommet staking method, and installations in more crowded or developed areas can have them steadied with weights on the base flap and the guy lines attached out to additional objects, such as barrels or trees.

Uses Above and Beyond

This isn’t to say that you can’t buy an Athens Shelter unless you have some asphalt to process or need to excavate a water main. Just as our commercial tents can be used time and again for many different occasions, the Athens’ limitations aren’t set in stone.

  • The easy installation makes the Athens great for last minute garage sale coverage. While most of your stuff should be in a garage (hence the name, guys), items out on tables can be quickly covered if interior room is at a premium and you want the sales to continue.
  • While you shouldn’t have children in charge of the setup, they can still use the shelter as a play area. Maybe don’t the guy lines if there will be young ones playing in the area to avoid a tripping hazard, however.

However you decide to use your shelter, we’re sure you’ll love the simplicity that comes from having an all-in-one canopy. From its water resistance to the fast installation, our customers are raving about how much they love the Athens. Have a intriguing use in mind? Share it with us by emailing Sales@Celina.com or finding us on social media!