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The Faces behind the Phone: Meet Celina’s Account Managers

We love it when customers call us; from helping with orders to talking through monthly specials, we’re here for every customer. Through emails, chats, and phone calls we are always willing to listen to any advice that can allow us to make your customer experience even better. But who is it that you’re talking with? There is a small group of dedicated individuals that are on hand to make sure that your orders are taken with the utmost efficiency. They are (drum roll please) … the Customer Account Managers!

Because of the wide variety of products and services that Celina offers, many of our managers have a specific area at which they excel. This is, of course, in addition to the common set of customer service skill areas that all CA Managers possess.

Custom Printing

Ordering a product that detours through the print shop carries with it a variety of additional data that must be provided by the customer. Apart from the standard production, we need to have proper artwork, make sure the item will be crafted in time (since the printing process will take longer than pulling stock colored vinyl from the rack), and so on.

Purchasing Online

Look, we aren’t all super-tech savvy. I myself write this out on papyrus before having an intern convert it to electro-writing. For-sooth!

Many of our customers place their orders online; these orders are monitored for safety and in case there are any issues with the order after it has been placed. All customer account managers can access the online order system to aid in resolving and questions or issues online customers may have.

Government Sales

In addition to the standard party tents, tables and various other accoutrements, Celina creates many shelters and products that are specific to government sales. Because of the regulations and qualifications that we need to maintain in order to continue to provide the kind of quality we feel soldiers and humanitarian aid groups deserve, the manager heading up all government sales needs to be well versed in the testing we put products through and all certifications our company holds as a whole. Sales range from large shelter orders for military operations to piecemeal orders for various types of tents, shelters, or accessories.

Commercial Orders

Here’s the kicker – they’re ALL great at commercial orders! When you place a call to Celina’s general number, there is a chance that you’ll be routed to any of our available associates. All managers have an in-depth knowledge of commercial tents, ranging from brand benefits to the perfect party embellishments.

* * * * * 

When you call in, be sure to take a look at our Contacts page in the Celina Knowledge Center to connect the voice on the phone with a smiling face! You can also email our Customer Account Managers generally by sending your message to Sales@CelinaTent.com or to the manager of your choice by using the contacts page to find the manager who’s right for you.