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12 Wide Classic Series Frame Tent, Top Only

12' wide Classic Series Frame Tent, Top Only. The items below are replacement tops only. Pricing shown does not include any tent components or accessories for installation. Typically Celina / GetTent.com tent & canopy tops are compatible with other manufacturers' tent styles and/or product lines. The Celina Classic Series Frame Tent is based on the West Coast Style Frame design, the most common system used in the commercial / event tent & shelter industries. If you do not have a Celina frame product or you are unsure who manufactured it, ensure compatibility by referencing Celina Tent's Layout Handbook. Compare the existing frames tent width, length, and pitch (hip rafter length & rafter length) measurements against the equivalent size frame tent found in the Celina Layout Handbook. If the existing frame component measurements are the same size(s) as those listed in the Layout Handbook, it is probable that the replacement top will fit the existing frame. Celina designs and manufactures tent fabric products to fit Celina brand frames & components; therefore GetTent.com cannot guarantee that GetTent.com replacement tops will properly fit all brands from all manufacturers.